Thursday, September 29, 2011


See, I'm trying to be more regular here.
Its almost hockey time.. Our Pittsburgh Penguins are back for another year... Love it
Was kinda a bad girl last night :=) We share our season hockey tickets with two other families.. one i've never met.. they are co-workers of a long-time friend of mine.. So arranged to meet my friend and give her the tickets they had bought.. Can't do this just anyplace, so met for Happy Hour at a nearby restaurant for half-price bottle of wine and half-price appetizers.. Why did I think we could get out of there in an hour??? did our exchange, then settled down to finish the wine and yummy apps(my favorite kind of dinner)..
An aside... Just got a new phone and its so great!! But, at my age, I'm not the speediest to learn how to use it.. It's a droid(??) of some kind.. Which means it has all kinds of applications, and that means you can download all sorts of things like the Weather Channel, Facebook, scrabble word games to play with friends (I'm addicted to that already.. have 5! games going at the same time), has GPS capabilities.. and so much stuff i haven't figured out yet.. It took me days to figure how to answer the phone!!.
Anyway, you can put on Facebook where you are.. so I did that and a young friend of mine (K) stopped in to see us. So we got another bottle of wine!!.. Then my friend left and K and I stayed and had another bottle of wine!! Oh dear, life is kinds slow today.. Poor K had to get up at 6 for work.. She's dragging today.. But I've still got the stamina.. always good to know :=)

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  1. I'm technologically hopeless!! I still haven't completely figured out my iphone!! I have to ask Son #3 questions all the time. He just rolls his eyes and lets me know all about that "old dog and new tricks" theory. :-) My 7 year old knows how to use it better than I do!! Ha Ha!! I am learning though. About the time I get it all figured out it'll be time for a new phone and I'll be back at square one!! I do enjoy texting though!! The "quick question" doesn't turn into a 2 hour phone conversation and I save tons of time!! :-)